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About Me:

My name is Kainat and I am currently pursuing a Graphics Design Major at Queens College. I transferred in from LaGuardia Community College. A little about my interests are that I love to travel to many places as well as try new foods. I have travelled to many places and intend to travel to many other places. Some of the places I have travelled to consist of:

While those were the places that I have travelled to, I have yet to visit places like: Take a look at my traveling page here:

My Traveling Page.

Talking about food, I absolutely LOVE to try new foods. One of the important things for me to enjoy my food is that is has to be spicy. Another thing I love about trying new foods is that foods from different cultures and countries have a different touch and kick to it. Some might be filled with different spices and others might be more towards the sweet and sour side. Here are some of my favorite foods:


One place that is on my list to visit in the furture someday: